Medical professionals choose their careers to help people, but many become overwhelmed by the complex regulations and constant threat of litigation that surrounds the medical field. At Simoneaux Law Firm, we understand your desire to focus only on practicing medicine and helping your patients. When you come to our firm, we make your problems our problems so that you can stay focused on what’s most important to you.

We only represent nurses, pharmacists, dentists, physicians, and others who have dedicated their careers to helping people. We do not accept cases from individuals and entities looking to bring regulatory actions, malpractice claims, or other cases that go against medical professionals’ ability to practice medicine in a way that helps their patients.

Our firm is conveniently located in and serves Austin, Texas, and the surrounding counties. Maggie R. Simoneaux-Cuaso is licensed to practice in Texas, Louisiana and California. If you’re a medical professional facing legal or regulatory action, or you just want general advice about how to protect your practice, contact us today to schedule a consultation.