Commercial Leases

Commercial Leases

If you are entering into a lease with a prospective commercial landlord or tenant, or if you need legal advice on your contractual rights under an existing lease, a commercial lease lawyer can help. Relying on standard lease forms to protect your interests is risky business, no matter on which side of the transaction you are. Simoneaux Law Firm represents landlords and tenants with commercial lease matters.

Why Hire a Commercial Lease Attorney?

When you are leasing commercial office or retail space to tenants, you need a skilled commercial lease attorney who understands how to protect your business’s rights. If, instead, you are planning to lease space for your business endeavor, you need a commercial tenant attorney who can look out for your best interests and help you get favorable terms on your lease.

Hiring a commercial landlord attorney or a commercial tenant lawyer can make the entire leasing process easier on you. Having an attorney also increases your chances of feeling your interests were met and protected through your lease, giving you valuable peace of mind.

Understanding the Commercial Leasing Process

Before signing a commercial lease agreement, there are several factors to consider. It is essential that the lease be read in its entirety, as opposed to just skimmed. Since this is a tedious endeavor, many landlords and prospective tenants hire a commercial lease review attorney to perform this task. Companies in and around Austin, Texas frequently choose Simoneaux Law Firm as their legal representative.

Once the lease is read, the negotiating process can begin. Keep in mind that any concessions a company makes during negotiations will remain in effect for the length of the lease. Therefore, hiring a commercial lease lawyer prior to negotiating a lease is beneficial because the company has professional legal assistance before the process even begins.

Commercial Lease Services Provided by Simoneaux Law Firm

At Simoneaux Law Firm, PLLC, Attorney Maggie R. Simoneaux-Cuaso can perform a variety of tasks for companies that hire her to handle their commercial leases, including:

  • Draft or rewrite a letter of intent;
  • Draft and/or negotiate commercial retail and office leases;
  • Negotiate early termination rights;
  • Attend all bargaining sessions and serve as the company’s spokesperson;
  • Negotiate to ensure that her client’s interests are protected;
  • Negotiate assignment and subletting;
  • Negotiate lease abandonment; and more.

Working With Simoneaux Law Firm

Attorney Maggie R. Simoneaux-Cuaso has been a licensed attorney for more than a decade, helping protect clients’ rights in the commercial leasing process. She is also a California-licensed real estate broker — giving her hands-on experience and a perspective on real estate leases that most attorneys simply can’t match.

As an adept commercial lease review and negotiation attorney, Attorney Maggie R. Simoneaux-Cuaso can negotiate on your company’s behalf to ensure you receive the best lease agreement possible. If you are looking for an attorney with deep experience in real estate law, including commercial leases, contact Attorney Maggie R. Simoneaux-Cuaso at Simoneaux Law Firm today.