As a seasoned litigation attorney, Attorney Maggie R. Simoneaux-Cuaso of Simoneaux Law Firm in Austin, Texas handles a broad range of commercial disputes. The firm has successfully represented plaintiffs and defendants, including real estate brokerages and homeowners associations. Attorney Maggie R. Simoneaux-Cuaso has appeared before arbitration panels and state and federal courts, as well as in administrative proceedings.

Simoneaux Law Firm also represents clients in alternative dispute resolution proceedings related to commercial real estate disputes, including acting as a mediation and arbitration attorney.

Types of Real Estate Litigation Cases Simoneaux Law Firm Handles

  • Breach of contract claims: When disputes arise between sellers and buyers or between commercial landlords or HOAs and tenants, having a knowledgeable real estate litigation lawyer on your side means you have someone looking out for your interests.
  • Nondisclosure lawsuits: The failure of sellers to disclose material defects or issues with a property is one of the most common reasons for filing a lawsuit involving real estate. Simoneaux Law Firm has extensive experience in these types of cases.
  • Construction disputes: This type of dispute often involves construction delays or defects, bidding disputes, or cost overruns. Attorney Maggie R. Simoneaux-Cuaso represents construction firms and contractors as well as the non-construction professionals on the other side of the transaction.
  • Partnership disputes: Unfortunately, disputes about commercial real estate purchases, sales or leases are not uncommon between business partners. Simoneaux Law Firm represents business owners, helping them pursue or defend against claims brought against them in court.
  • Unfair business practices: If you need an attorney to represent you in a commercial real estate legal matter related to false advertising, misrepresentation, violation of law or other unfair business practices, Attorney Maggie R. Simoneaux-Cuaso offers dedicated, diligent representation for clients involved in such cases.

Benefits of Hiring a Skilled Commercial Real Estate Litigation Attorney

Whether you are bringing a lawsuit against another party or are defending against claims brought by someone else, a knowledgeable commercial real estate attorney can help you through the process, easing the journey.

Even for brokerages or HOAs familiar with the real estate industry, the world of commercial real estate litigation can be complex. When hiring a seasoned attorney, you have an advocate on your side who can provide peace of mind while looking out for your best interests today — and in the future, helping you avoid other, unforeseen legal troubles.

Choose Simoneaux Law Firm for Real Estate Litigation Matters

When it comes to her clients, Attorney Maggie R. Simoneaux-Cuaso believes that resolving a dispute as cost-effectively as possible is the best option. Therefore, she does her best to resolve any disputes that arise using a more economical solution as a mediation attorney or arbitration lawyer, as opposed to jumping headfirst into courtroom litigation.

At Simoneaux Law Firm, when litigation is imminent, Attorney Maggie R. Simoneaux-Cuaso protects the interests of her clients using practical, decisive and proactive litigation strategies that are adapted to each client’s needs. As an experienced real estate broker (licensed in California), Attorney Maggie R. Simoneaux-Cuaso provides every client with individualized attention. She thoroughly prepares for each case to assure all the necessary information is gathered and available when litigation begins.

If you are in Austin, Texas, or one of the surrounding communities, contact Simoneaux Law Firm today to make an appointment with litigation Attorney Maggie R. Simoneaux-Cuaso.